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Our Approaches and Methods
The causes of poverty are complex and approaches need to be evaluated and adapted as necessary and appropriate to achieve sustainable poverty reduction. BNTF approaches to poverty reduction have changed to include participation of the poor in the sub-project cycle and opportunities for vulnerable communities to articulate their needs and demands.

BNTF 7 will use the data from the Country Poverty Assessment and The Participatory Poverty Assessment findings as well as social mapping tools to target the most deprived communities. The BNTF 7 strategies will be implemented within the context of national development strategies and sectoral strategies as outlined in sectoral strategic plans.  BNTF 7 projects will ultimately aim as assisting The Federal Government in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Deprived communities may lack capacity to articulate demands or lack strong community-based organizations to implement or monitor projects. BNTF staff along with the staff of the Department of Social and Community Development will assist such communities to ensure that they are not excluded from poverty reduction projects. Such communities would be targeted for community development assistance in the medium term.

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