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About Us

Our Mission Statement:
The Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) provides resources to poor communities in order to

  • improve access to basic public services
  • enhance employability
  • reduce economic and social vulnerability to risks that impact income and well-being.

Our Objective:
The BNTF programme aims to reduce the vulnerability of poor communities, in a sustainable and gender-sensitive manner, through:

(i) expansion and conservation of social and economic infrastructure, using labour-intensive measures and community mobilization to enable access to a wide range of basic public services;
(ii) improvement of the human resource base through skills development and social adjustment;
(iii) promotion and strengthening of community organizations and their capacity for initiating and managing change.

These poverty reduction interventions would compliment and support national development policies and sectoral strategies for poverty reduction.

Our Areas of Interventions
BNTF will finance sub-projects that facilitate the reduction of poverty in the following areas:

Our Approaches and Methods
The causes of poverty are complex and approaches need to be evaluated and adapted as necessary and appropriate to achieve sustainable poverty reduction. BNTF approaches to poverty reduction have changed to include participation of the poor in the sub-project cycle and opportunities for vulnerable communities to articulate their needs and demands.

BNTF 6 will use the data from the Country Poverty Assessment and The Participatory Poverty Assessment findings as well as social mapping tools to target the most deprived communities. The BNTF 6 strategies will be implemented within the context of national development strategies and sectoral strategies as outlined in sectoral strategic plans.  BNTF 6 projects will ultimately aim as assisting The Federal Government in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Deprived communities may lack capacity to articulate demands or lack strong community-based organizations to implement or monitor projects. BNTF staff along with the staff of the Department of Social and Community Development will assist such communities to ensure that they are not excluded from poverty reduction projects. Such communities would be targeted for community development assistance in the medium term.

Thematic areas


The overseeing of BNTF operations in St Kitts and Nevis is done by a locally appointed Project Steering Committee (PSC).  The Committee is chaired by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social and Community Development.  The composition of the PSC is to reflect representation from Government Ministries and Departments, CBO’s, GRO’s and Youth Groups.

The members are:
Ms. Sharon Rattan
Ms. Lavern Queeley
Mrs. Jacqueline Armony
Mrs. Celia Christopher
Mr. Gerard Williams
Mr. Phillip Browne
Mr. Sydney Bridgewater
Mr. Batumba Tak
Ms. Wendy Phipps
Father Isaiah Phillip
Mr. Osbert DeSuza
Ms. Azilla Clarke
Mrs. Corinne Small
– Chairman, BNTF PSC
– Ministry of Sustainable Development
– St Christopher National Trust
– Gender Affairs Department
– Ministry of Public Works et al
– National Entrepreneurial Development Division
– St Kitts-Nevis Trades and Labour Union
– St Kitts-Nevis Trades and Labour Union
– Chamber of Industry and Commerce
– President, St Kitts Christian Council
– Project Manager, BNTF
– Community Liaison Officer, BNTF
- Finance Officer, BNTF
BNTF Staff St. Kitts
BNTF Staff Nevis
Mr. Osbert DeSuza Ms. Azilla Clarke Mrs. Corinne Small Mrs. Myrthlyn Parry
Mrs. June Liburd
Project Manager Community Liaison Officer Administrative/
Accounting Officer
BNTF Project Coordinator BNTF Officer
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