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Our Areas of Interventions
BNTF will finance sub-projects that facilitate the reduction of poverty in the following areas:

Education and Human Resource Development
Sub-projects will take place to rehabilitate, extend, or refurbish existing primary and secondary schools and early childhood development buildings and facilities. This will include the provision of special learning spaces and school facilities, ICT technology, furniture, supplies and equipment as well as a feeding program. Subprojects will also provide funding for career development, training for market-driven skills, life skills training and support, curricula enhancement, teacher development, and more. This will lead to students’ enhanced participation, retention, and achievement.

Basic Community Access and Drainage Enhancement
Sub-projects will provide for the construction or rehabilitation of footpaths, rural roadways and small scale drainage systems. These will be made for all-weather usage. Sub-projects will also provide training to beneficiaries in maintenance of this infrastructure. This will increase access to vulnerable areas as well as eliminate concerns such as slow traffic, accidents, and will increase pedestrian safety.

Water and Sanitation
Sub-projects will provide water reservoirs and tanks as well as the construction of platforms for disposal of solid household waste. Training will be provided to beneficiaries for the maintenance of this infrastructure. These sub-projects will reduce access time to safe water supplies during emergency and improve the general health of beneficiaries.

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