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7th May 2015

The office is now preparing for the 7th Cycle. The Seventh Cycle of the BNTF Programme (BNTF 7) aims to reduce poverty and vulnerability by enhancing access to basic social and economic infrastructures and human resource development (HRD) services. The Programme officially started in 2012 when Contributors to the Seventh Cycle of the Unified Special Development Fund (SDF 7) approved a replenishment of resources for the BNTF.

BNTF 7 focuses on three key sectors: Education and Human Resource Development, Basic Community Access and Drainage Enhancement; and Water and Sanitation Systems Enhancement. For the 7th Cycle the following documents have to be prepared. Namely: a Poverty Reduction Action Plan, a Country Project Portfolio (CPP) and Sector Portfolio for the three key sectors identified. The PRAP was prepared by Ms, Theresa Nisbett while the CPP was done by Ms. Janelle Lewis. These documents are intended to guide the direction of the BNTF Country Project for the period 2013-2016. These established where and how St. Kitts – Nevis’ BNTF 7 resources would be targeted for poverty reduction. Disbursement of BNTF 7 resources must be completed before the end of December 2016.

7th May 2015

Quite a number of skills training projects were completed in 2014 under the 6th Cycle. These are:

  1. Enhancing behavior and attitudes of young parents
  2. Capacity Strengthening Phase 11
  3. Fisher Folk Skills Enhancement
  4. Video editing skills training
Enhancing behavior and attitudes of young parents
This project was executed by the National Skill Training Programme (NSTP).
Mental health Day Treatment Facility

The last project to be completed under this cycle is the construction of the Mental Health Day Treatment Facility. This project has experienced major setbacks. One of the most significant is the untimely death of Mr. Best, the consultant contracted by the Caribbean Development Bank. A new consultant has since been identified in the person of Mr. Calvin Pemberton. Mr. Pemberton has thus far prepared the Bid documents and accompanying drawings as well as the advertisement with the guidance of CDB.

The ad has been posted and ten contractors have purchased Bid documents. A series of meetings are being planned where contractors can seek clarification on any matter relating to the construction of the said facility. The closing date for submission of the Bid document is 12th May 2015.

BNTF 7 Update
July 17th 2013

The projects under BNTF 6 are wrapping up. The developments of Bronte Welsh Primary School, Old Road Health Centre, Violet Petty Primary School and the Keys Sidewalk have all been completed or will be completed very soon.

We look forward to launching BNTF 7, the expected launch date will be in September 2013. The areas of intervention will focus on education and human development, water and sanitation and basic community access and drainage. Staff are still determining which communities will be included in BNTF 7 but we have already began conducting community meetings in rural towns of St. Kitts.