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BNTF PROJECT Oversight Entity

The overseeing of BNTF operations in St Kitts and Nevis is done by a locally appointed Project Oversight Entity (OE).  The Committee is chaired by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social and Community Development.  The composition of the OE is to reflect representation from Government Ministries and Departments, CBO's, GRO's and Youth Groups.

The members are:

Ms. Sharon Rattan

Chair of Oversight Entity Committee and Permanent Secretary of  Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs (tentative)
Canon Isaiah Phillip Deputy Chair of Oversight Entity
Mr. Osbert Desuza Project Manager, BNTF Office  (tentative)
Mrs. Corinne Small Finance Officer with responsibility for BNTF Office
Ms. Lavern Queeley Director of Economic Affairs and PSIP, Ministry of Sustainable Development
Mrs. Erslyn Patrick-Bridgewater Community Liaison Officer, BNTF Office
Mr. Gerard Williams Public Works Department
Mr. Alsted Pemberton  Project Coordinator, BNTF Office (Nevis)
Mr. Lemuel Pemberton   Community Liaison Officer, BNTF Office (Nevis)
Mr. Quinton  Morton Education Planner,  Ministry of Education
Mr. Phillip Browne National Entrepreneurial Development Division (NEDD)
Ms. Azilla Clarke Director, Community Development and Social Services
Mr. Calvin Cable Chamber of Industry and Commerce
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