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"The main nature of BNTF is people oriented, it enables the country as a whole to meet the needs of the low income families because you see you are going in to the communities and you are focusing on the needs of the community, on the things that the community wants and they tend to cherish it much more, because they are people oriented."

-Hugh C. Heyliger, MA (Econ.), J.P., Former Minister of Economic Development

"First we didn't have no tile at all. It was just a room that we set up and we had a stove and a fridge and a worktable, and that is what we used. The big change came when BNTF came and renovated the kitchen and modernized it as you see it now. They would have taken up the old vinyl tiles, they would have put down good tiles, they put drainage in the floor that you can always wash. They give us really good stove place (counter tops), they give us the cupboards and paint it up and make it look nice. And so whenever people come they compliment our kitchen."

-Lornette Thompson – Head cook at Deane Glasford Primary School

"We are very thankful for BNTF for all the work that they have done over the years and not just for McKnight but for all the different day care centres because regular day care centres are about $65-85 a week where as the government centres are only $15. So it's been very helpful for the persons in the community to be able to afford the government centres and some of the government centres are even better than the private centres. So we are really thankful for BNTF for all that they have done for McKnight daycare."

-Yasmin Powell, Supervisor, McKnight Daycare Center

In response to BNTF providing agro-processors a laptop, label printer, a label applicator and an assortment of packaging supplies, Mr. Ira Liburd, President – St. Kitts Agro-Processors Co-Operative Society St. Kitts responded by saying:

"I want to say thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for this and we know that it will improve our products, it will improve our presentation, it will improve who we really and what we really want to be by having such items being handed over to us. Again I say thank-you very much."

"It (the pottery course) was a great experience because it went on three months so we got to do every aspect of pottery. We got to pinch pot, coil, slab, and wheel thrown pottery and glazing. So it was a great experience because we went five days a week and the teacher was very accommodating we could have stayed there all day just to practice while he gave other classes. We want to thank them tremendously. Without them we wouldn't be here. Without the BNTF we would not be sitting here talking to you now."

-Darlene Hodge and Arlene Skeritt, Owner Operators of Les Main D'Or Pottery Studio, Frigate Bay